Get help with your employer accreditation renewals

Is your business ready for Accreditation Renewal?

Prepare now to continue employing overseas staff

Did you know that in order to retain or continue hiring people from overseas, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) requires companies to renew their accreditation status?

With the first tranche of accredited employers up for renewal in the coming months, we want you to be prepared for what the renewal process involves.

Get underway now to avoid:

  • Operational risk to your business
  • Failure to comply with requirements set by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) law
  • Losing your key staff
  • Losing your current Job Tokens

Being the largest team of Licensed Immigration Advisers and International Sourcing Specialists in New Zealand, we process accreditations every day.

Our team know how to help you get your renewals approved and can assist with:

  • Navigating the complex immigration process of Accreditation Renewal and reducing pressure on your business
  • Ensuring your applications are prepared correctly the first time, avoiding potential mistakes delays or declines
  • Streamlining the process, so your operations can continue seamlessly without interruption
  • Making a strong case to INZ that your business can and does meet the requirements for accreditation

Put your organisation in the best possible position and get in touch today. With over 25 years’ experience we are here to help New Zealand businesses succeed.