Dec 5, 2022

AEWV holders now able to change visa conditions. How does this impact NZ employers?

Two announcements already this week from Immigration New Zealand – one around AEWV holders and their new found ability to change the terms of their visa and another around Partner Work Visa rights.

AEWV holders can now change vital conditions of their visa

Previously, if an applicant wanted to change details attached to their visa such as employer, job or location, they had to apply for an entire new visa.

From today, INZ have granted AEWV holders, both onshore and offshore, the right to change this information at the click of a button and potentially move ship to another accredited employer.

What does this mean for employers ?

Employers may find that staff on a visa, now able to move roles, could seek out other opportunities in the market.

To combat this we recommend employers review wages of any staff below the median wage (currently $27.76), and either increase pay rate and/or support people with a further AEWV.

This will not only signal an appreciation of your employee and their contribution but it will also make it harder for them to accept a lower paying role.
We also recommend that employers reach out and support any staff family member visa applications.

We can assist you and your staff with a plan and strategy for each employee

Some key info relating to the updating of AEWV conditions:

-All employers must be accredited to hire migrants for the AEWV and have a valid job check for the new job/role.

-Applicants looking to vary will need a job check approval number for their application.

-If an applicant wants to change to a job paid below the median wage, the role must be one that is exempt from median wage payment list.

-The applicant’s current visa must be valid for no longer than the maximum visa length allowed for roles paid below median wage.

-Applicants must apply for a new AEWV if their current visa is valid longer than the time allowed for that specific occupation.

Changes to partner work visas deferred to April 2023

The Minister of Immigration also announced the deferring of planned changes to work rights for partners of temporary work visa holders.

The Government will be looking at adjustments to the way partner work rights will be implemented with more information to be announced in the New Year.

We recommend that you take advantage of this delayed government policy and support those with partners not yet on a visa.

As always, our team are here to help you and your business.


Hamneet Jaggi
Corporate Services Manager – Visas
IAA License #201500559

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