Feb 27, 2024

Immigration New Zealand’s main focus in 2024 is compliance

After so many migrants were subjected to exploitation last year, INZ now want to ensure every employer strictly meets and follows policy. Employers are being audited and tokens that were approved last year are being declined this year or met with scrutiny.

In 2024 most Accredited Employers will seek to renew their accreditation and INZ have clearly stated they will be reviewing employers’ last two years operations as well as future plans.

Some employers who have been accredited will no longer meet the threshold.

It is also inevitable there will be delays and INZ will be asking more questions of every employer delaying the approval process.

It is important to be organised and compliant;

  • Are you concerned about delays to your Accredited Employer Status with Immigration New Zealand?
  • Have you considered the reputation risk or damage to your employer brand if you lost the ability to hire or retain people on visas?

We have helped hundreds of company owners, HR professionals and team managers over the last two years and we know that all the above are concerns.

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