Feb 28, 2023

Work rights are changing for partnership-based work visas

Today, Immigration New Zealand announced new conditions for partnership-based work visas, these new visa conditions will take effect for applicants approved with a Partner of a Worker Work Visa. 

From 31 May 2023, partners of most Accredited Employer Work Visa and Essential Skills Work Visa holders granted a Partnership-based Work Visa must:

  • Work for an Accredited Employer; and
  • Be paid at least the median wage (or the wage threshold for roles exempt)

This applies to those who have Partnership-based Work Visas approved from 31 May 2023, and does not apply to:

Holders of Partnership-based Work Visas will still have open work rights, where they may work in any occupation in any location.

  • Existing Partnership-based Work Visa holders (until their visa expires)
  • Partners of migrants working in occupations on the Green List or paid twice the median wage
  • Partners of New Zealanders
  • Partners of those holding other temporary visas


This is part of the transition into the requirement where all employers hiring anyone on a visa must be accredited – which takes effect from 2024.

Apply for your accreditation before 4 July 2023, to get an additional 12-month validity added to your accreditation.


The government has now further opened the criteria to apply for visas as victims of family violence.

Previously, this was only available to partners of New Zealand citizens or residents.

This has now been extended to partners of temporary visa holders.


Zinny Cheng
Corporate Services Manager – Visas
IAA License #201600617

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