Get support with your job checks so you can hire skilled staff from overseas

Understanding the Job Check process

If you are an accredited New Zealand employer, looking to hire or retain key staff from overseas, you need to be across the Job Check process.

The Job Check application process is arguably the most important stage of the 3 gate system and an area employers must place crucial emphasis on.

Once you are accredited, you need to apply for a Job Check to be granted tokens, or the approval, to hire migrant or support workers for specific roles, locations and payrates – regardless of whether the role is on the Green List or paying twice the median wage.

Job Check tokens are valid for 6 months from issue.

Why is it so crucial that a Job Check is done properly?

If an employer fails to convince Immigration New Zealand (INZ) that they cannot find New Zealanders to do the job, then a Job Check will be declined, and you will not be able to recruit from offshore until a reconsideration or a new application is approved.

Whilst you might believe that you have done everything to find a New Zealand employee, the tests that Immigration New Zealand apply to this process set the bar very high.

We have also come across many situations where Job Checks have been approved, but issues arise during the Work Visa stage.

This is where there is real risk, so it is vital that your Job Checks are submitted with all the required detail to a very high standard. If not, this can lead to additional fees being incurred and considerable loss of time.

Not sure where to start? We can help you get under way!

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