Apr 5, 2024

Why use a Licensed Immigration Adviser?

We believe that Kiwi employers and their visa-holding staff should always be in safe hands. INZ regulations are not straightforward and it’s a big risk to take things on without speaking to an expert. In the current climate and with redundancies on the rise, visa complications can profoundly impact businesses and their employees. It’s more crucial than ever to receive proper guidance and safeguard your migrant workforce. Why hire a licensed immigration adviser

Here’s why we believe partnering with a Licensed Immigration Adviser is crucial:


Expert Training

LIAs aren’t just well-versed in immigration laws; they live and breathe them. Extensive training and mandatory ongoing education mean they’re equipped to tackle even the trickiest of immigration needs, easily.


Ethical standards and integrity

New Zealand Licensed Advisers adhere to a very strict code of conduct set out by the Immigration Advisers Registrar.  It is a big responsibility and they operate with the highest ethical standards.


Legal compliance and hiring ability

With immigration laws constantly evolving, staying up-to-date is essential. LIAs ensure business immigration process is clean and complies with ever-changing regulations. With random compliance checks you need to be ready to prove you’ve done things the right way or you could risk losing the right to hire or retain key staff.


In-depth advice

Every business immigration story is unique. An LIA understands this and provides tailored support for specific circumstances, offering guidance at every stage of the process.


Part of your team

Our LIAs consider themselves to be an extension of the business teams they partner with. They are there to advocate, resolve issues, and ensure the best outcome every time. Whether it’s working with us or another reputable company, the key is to ensure you have the right guidance and advice.


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