Oct 5, 2023

Need hospitality staff ASAP? Get in touch

We have Chefs available on shore, ready to start work!

From our experience, with many New Zealand hospitality employers, some of the hardest roles to fill are in the kitchen department.

For this reason, Working In has employed internationally experienced chefs from around the globe (from Executive to Commis) that are onshore and ready to start work immediately.

Our aim is to place these chefs into contracting roles in New Zealand kitchens and transition them from temp chefs to permanent placements in companies, like yours, that desire their expertise.

What are the benefits of hiring contract Chefs?

  • Fast access to the exact talent your business needs.
  • A short-term hiring solution with the choice to go permanent.
  • No recruitment fees just a simple cost-effective hiring model.
  • Ability to expand your workforce as and when you need to.
  • No INZ Accreditation required to hire international chefs – we are accredited and hire them for you.
  • English speaking, pre-screened chefs who meet all INZ standards and requirements.
  • Pay no employee statutory days, holidays, sick pay or ACC.
  • Contract employees can be used to cover permanent staff on leave.

Here’s a great video that one of our recent arrivals put together explaining her journey with Working In. Watch Chef Aiperi’s journey to New Zealand

Open Work Visas – connect with hospitality staff on shore, ready to start work now.

Many of the international candidates that Working In assists with job placements, come to New Zealand with their partners. The majority are on Open Work Visas, meaning employers do not need to complete Job Checks to hire them.

Exploited Migrant Workers – we need your help to place these future New Zealanders!

There has been a lot of discussion in the media lately, regarding migrant exploitation. Working In is extremely sensitive to the unethical treatment of people and for this reason we are heavily involved in assisting these workers to find employment and transfer across to a Migrant Exploitation Protection Work Visa.

We have been working with Sudesh Jhunjhunwala from Sudima hotels to help place exploited workers into their businesses (This link outlines one of these cases). Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more cases like this and Sudima can’t do this alone! We need more employers to step up and help us place these skilled people into the roles they deserve.

If you are interested in helping exploited workers into a safe and paid working environment or just need internationally experienced hospitality staff for your business, get in touch, I am happy to chat.


Josiah Taurua
Business Manager – Hospitality

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Immigration policy updates – September 2023

As of 23 September 2023, this category is closed to new applicants. Anyone already on a Recovery Visa however, can apply for a three-month extension, allowing them time to transition to longer term work visas if necessary. Get in touch with our team if you need help with this transition – we can advise on the best visa type.

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