Nov 3, 2023

Employer webinar – Act now to safeguard your business in 2024

With only 60 days left in 2023, we want to help you start 2024 with your best foot forward.

In our final webinar for the yearwe’ll share practical, real-world solutions to help you hire and retain international staff as well as stay on top of changing immigration policy.

Learn key aspects that you can control right now and how to plan ahead to get an advantage over your competition.

Our team will talk you through:

  1. Wage increase planning: Stay ahead of the curve by planning for Median Wage increases in February 2024 and understand how the Australian market might affect your business.
  2. Accreditation renewals and Job Checks: Insights and tips around upcoming Accreditation Renewals (July 2024) and strategies to help ensure Job Checks are submitted and managed properly.
  3. Workforce retention and stability strategies: Learn strategies to ensure a stable, committed workforce.
  4. Employee focus and immigration: Gain insights into the importance of having employees aware of policy, opportunities and pathways.

We will keep the webinar to under one hour as we know how busy the industry is, but we do urge you to join for the sake of your workforce planning and retention.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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